Madrid Automobile Federation

The 2005 season begins

Once the meetings with the pilots and organisers of the
various Madrid champions have concluded, the process of
drafting the regulations corresponding to the 2005 season has begun.
We estimate that, by the end of February, both the
regulations will be available like a 2005 calendar. In both cases, the
published texts would be pending approval by the governing bodies
of this Federation.

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Madrid Automobile Federation
The electoral process of the FMA ends

On January 20, the electoral process ended with the
formal constitution of the new General Assembly, and the act of electing the
Delegate Commission and President. Out of a total of eighteen votes,
Mr. José Mulero García was reelected with thirteen votes in his favor. In
this way, he becomes the new President of the
Madrid Automobile Federation for the next four years.
The Madrid Federation moves its offices

Due to the remodeling of
the Madrid Stadium, in view
of the 2012 Olympic candidacy, we are
forced to relocate our offices.
Now you can find us at
Calle Motilla del Palancar, 18, local 10,
in Madrid. Here we will be
provisionally until we have finished the offices of the new
Building of Federations of the Community of Madrid, in Fuencarral, which
we estimate will be in May. For all purposes, the new registered
office of the FMA Secretariat will be the one indicated here.