Resistance Trophy

Federation of Resistance Trophy

Cte. Org. The FMA organizes on February 25, 2007 the test
called the Federation of Resistance Trophy, which is scored for
the 2007 Madrid Touring Car Championship.

derived from production passenger cars,
homologated or not, will be admitted to take part, preserving its outer form of
origin. Registrations will be accepted until
8:00 pm. on February 19, 2007, at the
Madrid Automobile Federation headquarters
. Registration fees are set at € 400. The race will last
three hours.

Anti-tip bar adaptation for HANS device

Some old anti-tip structures do not have a
crossbarlocated in the right place to put the
harnessanchorsat the recommended distance for the use of the
HANSdevice. The attached file contains some assumptions and their
authorizedsituation inorder not to compromise the resistance to overturning of the structure and to
place the anchors in accordance with the
HANSassembly recommendations.

Madrid Club Registry

The General Directorate of Sports of the Community of Madrid has
requested the creation of a club registry. For this reason, the
Madrid Automobile Federation requires all
sportsclubs and associations to fill out the affiliation form that we attach and
send it to this Federation as soon as possible, along with the