Myths About Race Car Drivers

Race car drivers belong to a whole different universe as the sport itself feels like something extraordinary. Due to that, when the ordinary or a common individual comes to analyze the sport, they tend to either believe in myths or begin to create one after the other. Since this damages the truth, we need to set it out right and help people understand the real deal. For that purpose, we have brought together a few myths about race car drivers that you need to check out.

Myth 1: Drivers Require a License to Race

While it seems to hold a bit of truth, in reality, race car drivers do not require a license to race. Yes, that’s right. In fact, some have not even bothered about getting a license, and some have gone ahead to get one once their racing career began. One of the main reasons for this is due to the massive difference between racing and street driving. As these differences come in, people don’t focus on getting a license and instead focus on winning titles.

The Fastest Car Always Wins

Myth 2: The Fastest Car Always Wins

Racing is not all about shifting gears and hitting the pedal. There is more to it, and thus, the fastest car need not always win. Even if a car is known to be faster than the rest, to win, it requires the driver to have the perfect start and maintain the momentum throughout the race. Due to that, skills also play a huge role, and the engine alone cannot do the job. Hence, the fastest car won’t always win.

Myth 3: Women Don’t Usually Win Races

The individuals who come out with this myth may not have heard about Danica Patrick’s 2008 victory in Indy Japan 300 or Christina Nielsen’s victory at the Weathertech Sportscar Championship series. These women have won titles, and many of them continue to do so. Thanks to that, believing in myths and other related aspects does not paint a proper picture, and one needs to verify facts before going ahead with the same.

Race Car Drivers Cannot Be Called Athletes

Myth 4: Race Car Drivers Cannot Be Called Athletes

A lot goes into making a driver, and some of it might not be known around the world. As a race driver, you will have to get in shape and stay focused to face hours of dehydration. Due to that, they don’t merely come in, get in a car, and race off to the finish line. Preparations are a part of the process, and yes, they are athletes taking part in a sport. So once again, another myth just got busted.

Understanding the truth of the matter is always beneficial, and you need to try and decode several other myths about race car drivers.

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