The Different Types of Auto Racing

The exciting world of auto racing is a unique one that brings people together to witness different kinds of events.From formula racing to drag racing, the list goes on, and it all sums to provide a different kind of adventure. In the United States, for example, excitement skyrockets every year when the new NASCAR schedule is released. Each event has something or the other to offer, and learning more about it will only help you understand more about it. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read further to know more about the different types of auto racing.

Formula Racing

Formula racing is, without a doubt, one of the most famous and professional auto racing events that come through in the form of car racing. The single-seater, open-wheel circuit racing has turned out to be a phenomenon, and people watching the event live will understand the energy and adventure that it builds in an individual. As these custom-designed cars go against each other, everyone will want their team to win and crowd the stands at events like Austrian GP, EIFEL Grand Prix, and the famous Monaco Grand Prix.

Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing

Stock car racing might not be known all around the world like formula racing, but it is still a massive deal in the United States. Cars with customized specifications and various other aspects tend to come in and grab the platform and help people get used to a good experience. To carry forward these events, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) governs the same and helps things get materialized. Their top premier racing events are Sprint Cup Series, Southern 500, and Daytona 500.

Sports Car Racing

Competing at closed circuits with two-seater vehicles and generally being of two types is the perfect description for sports car racing. But when it comes to the exciting part, you need to witness things on your own because the FIA World Endurance Championship is something extraordinary. Watching cars battle it out and speculating about the one who is going to come out victorious is the need of the hour, and you need to experience the same without fail. Hence, sports car racing is an event like never before.

Drag Racing

Drag racing requires no introduction because we have all heard of the term at one point or the other. With movies coming in to steal the theme, drag racing has become common, and even amateurs want to try it out. But since the sports only welcomes professionals, we should mark our spot at the stands and enjoy divisions of the National Hot Rod Association like Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, and so on. Due to all that, drag racing is a popular name, and you need to remember it.

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