Top Safety Precautions Put Forward By NASCAR

The danger that surrounds every single sport is not something that can be ignored. As the individuals involved in the game are taking a considerable risk, they need to ensure that the correct safety precautions are implemented and that things go ahead to make it count. In this context, NASCAR racing is no stranger, and their drivers even put their life at risk. Due to that, NASCAR has brought forward the right kind of safety precautions, and we are here to tell you all about it.

Fire Suits

Fire-retardant suits, undergarments, shoes, gloves, and other related gear will be all-around a driver, and NASCAR makes sure that things always go according to the plan. As the chances of a fire and other such instances cannot be ignored, the racing sport brought forward such requirements and made everyone follow the same. Apart from that, many drivers also tend to wear a heat shield on the bottom as the engine heats up during a race.

The Barriers

SAFER or the Steel and Form Energy Reduction barrier is another protective element that comes into the picture. It tends to line the walls of an oval track and absorbs the impact of a particular crash. Due to that, numerous tracks have been retrofitted with SAFER barriers, and Iowa Speedway was the first amongst them. With these barriers being placed all around the track, drivers can feel more safe and confident to shift gears and cover the final lap on time.


Seats are no exception in this regard because a matter of safety stands high with the utmost form of importance. Equipped with carbon fiber, these seats can absorb the shock of impact and are designed to be placed around a driver’s rib cage. As a result, these seats also do their job providing support and helping the driver in ways that it is possible. But since innovation is also a part of the process, seats that go around a driver’s shoulder are also coming into the picture.

Hans Device

Hans Device

Hans device is probably the only device that NASCAR has allowed drivers to use as it is essentially a highly beneficial device. The Head and Neck Support device is popularly known as a head restraint, and it does the job of securing the helmet to the driver’s body. As a result, it prevents the driver’s head from whipping around in the event of a crash or other such incidents. Thanks to that, things tend to be heading in the right direction.


Be it fire suits or the hans device, every single protective gear is essential, and drivers need it the most. Hence, that was our list of the top safety precautions put forward by NASCAR.

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