Top Drivers From the World of Formula One

Formula One has been around for a long time, and fans have always been given a delightful experience of watching some of the biggest names go against each other. The adventure thumping and adrenaline-pumping sport has brought in the right numbers, and everyone stays glued to their TV when things go live. Apart from the racing adventure, the drivers also bring in the crowd, and today we are going to be looking at a few of the top drivers from Formula One.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

If you’ve been a fan of Formula One, then you have already guessed the top spot. Lewis Hamilton has always been winning races, and he continues to do so. His records speak for itself, and people have all stayed glued to the screen the moment they hear his engine start. With the backing from Mercedes, Hamilton has reached new heights, and we are sure that there is more to come.

Jim Clark

Jim Clark is widely known for being one of the gifted drivers of all time. Every single moment he spent in an F1 cockpit is worth looking back at, and fans from all around the world will agree to it. As a legend of the sport, Clark was an unassuming man, and by looking at his simplicity, you will never think about a man who has won two world championships. The various records that he has broken tend to hold a position even today, and Formula One can never forget Jim Clark.

Huan Manual Fangio

The 1950s were not an era for safety, and numerous events tend to highlight that aspect of racing. But Huan Manual Fangio was not like your ordinary driver because he is a man who has won five world championships. By driving some of the most iconic racing cars, Fangio made a mark for himself, and that mark seems to be visible even today. While he is a humble and kind-hearted gentleman, inside the racing arena, he is a beast that flies off into the air.

Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna

Brazilian superstar and a legend of Formula One, Ayrton Senna was a driver who defined the sport altogether. His skills and charismatic approach always won him titles, and his records are always spoken about. His painful death during the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994 left the world shocked as the man who changed Formula One was no more. But his titles and the will that he put towards racing will never be forgotten.


From Lewis Hamilton to Ayrton Senna, Formula One has always been gifted with talented drivers who understand the sport and move ahead to shift gears for the better. Hence, that was our list of the top drivers from Formula One.

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